how to make reservations

How To Make Reservations For An Existing Group?

How To Make Reservations For An Existing Group with roomsy hotel management system. Once you have found the group you are looking to make the reservation for using the Group Search function or if you...
rate plan setting_roomsy

Rate Plan Settings

Rate Plan Settings   Rate plans must be set up in order to setup Online Booking Engine, or connection to OTA's (e.g. Also, with the rate plans setup, you won't have to train your staff to...
creating a booking with hotel pms_roomsy

Creating a Booking with Roomsy hotel pms

How to create a booking with Roomsy hotel pms There are two ways from here you can create a new booking. 1. Click the green 'Create New Booking' button or 2. Click the box where the date...
refund payment_roomsy

How To Refund A Payment?

How To Refund A Payment You have the option to refund specific amounts or the full amount. First, hover over the payment charge and you will see a drop-down button appear on the right. Click the...
changing password_roomsy

Changing Your Password

Changing Your Password Changing Your Password from within the app. Sometimes you may need to change your password when working with Roomsy hotel management system. Follow the pictures below to do so. Click your email address...
how to map room types

How to map room types/rates in Roomsy to connect to or Expedia?

Match the room types between and Roomsy for the channel manager to send updates automatically Part of setting up the channel manager is completing the mapping between Roomsy channel manager and or Expedia. To...
how to add another property_roomsy

How to add another property to your account?

How to add another property to your account   If you have more than one property to manage (e.g. you are a owner of two hotels, or of a hotel chain), you can simply add an...
Setting up site_post_roomsy

Setting Up Your Website

Setting Up Your Website   This feature is only available to premium subscribers. 1. First, go to > > and ensure that all company information is filled in accurately as it will be displayed...
booking source_roomsy

How To Add A Booking Source?

How To Add A Booking Source A Booking Source allows you to track which source provided the reservation. This data can be used to identify which sources are the best-performing ones for your hotel.     If you...
how to add employee_roomsy

How To Add Employees Or Users and Manage Permissions?

How To Add Employees Or Users and Manage Permissions To add an employee to your account go to: > > Add the employees first name, last name, and email address to the provided fields...

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