changing password_roomsy

Changing Your Password

Changing Your Password Changing Your Password from within the app. Sometimes you may need to change your password when working with Roomsy hotel management system. Follow the pictures below to do so. Click your email address...
creating a booking with hotel pms_roomsy

Creating a Booking with Roomsy hotel pms

How to create a booking with Roomsy hotel pms There are two ways from here you can create a new booking. 1. Click the green 'Create New Booking' button or 2. Click the box where the date...
how to map room types

How to map room types/rates in Roomsy to connect to or Expedia?

Match the room types between and Roomsy for the channel manager to send updates automatically Part of setting up the channel manager is completing the mapping between Roomsy channel manager and or Expedia. To...
move room_roomsy

How to move rooms for checked in guests?

How to move rooms for checked in guests   Sometimes you have to move guests for a reason. This could be for operational issue or the guest may have asked for an upgrade to another room. And,...

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