12 Advance Hotel Marketing Strategies

Are you facing low revenues or dealing with heavy losses? Well, your marketing strategies might be the biggest reason behind the fall. Marketing can do miracles with your Revenues if it...
daily hotel reports

5 Daily Hotel Revenue Management Reports Managers MUST take

As it is no secret, having a property and renting or using it as a lodge can be a good source of income. You may be surprised at the amount of money...
seo for hotel website

[HOTEL SEO]How to grow your hotel’s search engine visibility

When we talk about hotels, there will be dozens (if not hundreds of hotels in your city) not only in your city, but in the world. In fact, there are 3 billion...
google map_roomsy

How to add your hotel in Google maps?

In the era of extreme mobility and sociability in the online world, if you really want your hotel’s visibility to increase, you simply have to be online.  One...
hotel online reputation pms_roomsy

5 Hotel Online Reputation Management basics:Negative reviews

Every property owner dreads having negative reviews on review sites. In the days of social media and scams being published on twitter without warning, having good reputation management is crucial...

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