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When we talk about hotels, there will be dozens (if not hundreds of hotels in your city) not only in your city, but in the world. In fact, there are 3 billion hotel searches everyone in the world conducts in one month alone. How do you outrank them all? Is that an important factor to look at?

In this world of competition, you will be left behind if you fail to beat your rivals, on an online platform, and SEO plays a vital role. SEO contributes to making your website more likely to be clicked on by potential guests. Hotel SEO improves your search engine visibility on organic page results.

Which now begs the question : How do you improve your hotel’s search engine visibility through a hotel SEO marketing strategy?

To increase the ranking of your website, you can perform various activities like redesigning it, produce some engaging content and also create a blog, etc.

Here are 10 Ways to get good ranking in google or any search engine page results.

10 ways to implement hotel SEO in your hospitality marketing strategy:

If you want your hotel business to survive for long, then you should give your hotel the SEO touch. In this way, you will not only getting higher search engine ranking throughout time, but also you’ll be connecting with your guests better and serve them better. 

  1. Rebuild your website (Improve UX and ease of accessibility)

If you want to rebuild your website, then the first step is to evaluate your old website and find out the things you like and don’t like about it. Once you’re aware of what’s working on your website and what’s not, you can incorporate specific goals into your next design. In today’s time, many updates raised the bar of a hotel’s website, demanding not only deep and relevant content, but a unique and engaging copy.

When you are rebuilding your website, it is a perfect time to revisit and reassess your buyer persona. These profiles will determine the tone of your content, the style, and the simplicity of your website. Rebuilding should be paired with a thorough and honest re-evaluation of site content. Your website design must unite the colors, fonts, graphics, and photos into a brand personality which is unique.

search engine visibility - rebuild or redesign your website

Some content may need some quick changes, while others may need to be removed completely. Just be sure that all of your content is up-to-date with your company’s current vision.

Next up, it’s time to organize your content into a site map. To develop a site map structure, you have to button up things on the back end: XML sitemaps, canonical tags, robot.texts on minor pages, site load speed, and so on. Another factor to keep in mind is to have an HTTPS website. Google favours https over HTTP sites.

2. Produce more engaging content on the hotel website

Search engines and customers always look for strong and engaging content. It is not enough that you create a beautiful website. Your content should be quite effective, so blog writing can be very useful for you in this purpose. Make sure you update it regularly because your potential customers might be interested in your content. In this process, you will probably find relevant keywords that help in improving your chances of ranking higher in search results. Blogs are also a golden opportunity to emphasize your unique selling proposition.

hotel SEO strategy - create unique. deep and engaging content

 3.Improve Review Site Rankings

It is said that people trust online reviews more than personal recommendations. So, it is very important to work on increase the number of reviews and ratings to gain the trust of the people. This will also give you high-quality traffic on your website.

hospitality marketing - gain user reviews and ratings for growing rankings

In order to improve your review site rankings, encourage your guests to review your hotel by offering them rewards or complimentary services during their stay. Always give responses to reviews whether it is positive or negative, and make sure to address any feedback given. These practices will help improve your hotel’s review site rankings and online presence. Click here to know how to respond to negative reviews and learn the basics of online reputation management.

  4. Write unique page title and page description 

One of the best ways to improve your website is by writing unique page titles and meta descriptions. The title is that what appears at the top of each page, while the meta description is the sentence description you usually see under the title in Google.

Each page on your website has a unique title and meta description that lets people know what your page is about before visiting it. Your page title and description must give the visitors a compelling enough reason to click on your SERP result.

seo for hotel website - have unique and compelling SEO title and description

With the help of unique titles and meta descriptions, tell your website visitors where to find particular information, what kind of information it contains and why should they visit that page. It also gives you a great opportunity to use the keywords you want to target to rank better.

You can usually edit your page titles and meta descriptions within your content management system (CMS). You can also do this manually in HTML. You can learn more about this on this Google Webmaster Tools Help page.

5. Keyword Research is important

Have you thought about how your potential customer will find you online? In short, what word or phrase would you expect them to type into the search engine to find your hotel?  Keyword research is vital to your website’s success. Without it, you’re shooting in the dark. Learning how to find hotel-related keywords and utilize them in your hotel SEO strategy will can be the single-most crucial aspect to your SEO success.

A keyword is a word, term or phrase that you can target with your website in the hope of attracting more visitors through a search engine. Utilizing keywords to increase your search engine position is called increasing your organic ranking.

hotel marketing - keyword research is the root of SEO

Your hotel’s website might rank organically for certain terms on their own, which is great, but it’s good to have a plan. And the keyword research will help you to rank higher.

6.Setup Search Console and Analytics

Google Search Console contains all the technical information related to your hotel’s website. In Google Search Console, you can submit your site to be indexed (crawled by Google), check for 404 errors (these hurt your site’s ranking) and get an overview of the search terms and queries that people are using to find their way to your site.

hotel marketing strategy - google search console
Example of some search terms people use to find camera review and official websites. This can be seen in the Search Console.

The best part about regularly checking your search console is that you get to see which keywords actually bring in visitors to your website. In this way, you’ll understand what the users “type” when they are searching for you. If you notice that you haven’t added that specific keyword in your targeted keyword list, then you can add that in your bucket too now.

search engine visibility tool - search console

Another crucial aspect of Search Console is that you get to see what crawling errors or other technical errors your website might be facing. You can get them fixed and be on the top of your search engine visibility game.

Another basic tool offered by Google for free is the Google Analytics. Whilst Search Console is primarily used for the management and indexation of your website, Analytics is used to gather reports, insights and statistics into the traffic your site receives.

hospitality marketing - google analytics

Using Google Analytics,you can find out the location where your users come from, the source (social media or guest blogs etc) and what kind of devices they usually are on when landing on your website.

7. List Your Hotel on Google Places and Google My Business

If you are a local business, you simply need to be listed on Google My Business and Google Places. Even if you are a national hotel chain, having a powerful Google My Business listing will always be beneficial.

Did you know?

hotel SEO - Google MyBusiness

This means that atleadt 3 billion searches take place per month through Google about “hotels near me” or “hotels in [location]” .

Let’s give you a visual representation of how your hotel might look like to your potential guests.

local SEO - Google Places

If you haven’t submitted your hotel on Google Maps yet, click here to know how to do it within 2 minutes.

8. Make sure your page should load quickly

Another important ranking factor when it comes to your website and it’s search engine performance is the length of time that it takes your site to load. Nobody wants to wait forever to view your site.

What can you do to reduce the load time of your website?

Search Engine Optimization basics - loading speed
Don’t be that website which takes forever to load.
  • First of all, you can use photo editing programs such as Adobe Photoshop to reduce and compress the size of the images on your website. Even images that are full width (1920px wide) should be clocking in under a couple of hundred KB when you’re using them online. You can use Photoshop’s Save For Web option to reduce the quality of the image, whilst previewing the full quality image, allowing you to decide how far you can compress your image before it becomes immediately obvious.
  • If you’re using images in places of buttons or icons, consider using plain old HTML and CSS or icon fonts to speed up your load time.
  • You can also minify your CSS and JavaScript files as well as optimizing your CSS delivery to style-sheets rather than inline styles to help speed up your site further.
  • If you’re using WordPress, consider using a caching plugin. Also, be careful that you’re not using too many plugins for jobs on your website. There are a lot of great plugins out there, but be sensible about what you need a plugin for, and what could probably be executed with pure code. A caching plugin will definitely help speed your site up, so if you are going to use any additional plugins, give W3C Total Cache (or similar) a try.

9. Implement high-powered analytics and search ranking technology.

Search engine result page (SERP) rankings can also be measured by revenue, bookings initiated, time on site, and other metrics. When it comes to gaining reports about how your property is performing, Roomsy’s Robust Reports and Analytics section can give you a good overview of what’s working and what needs to be changed.

To view your hotel’s performance over time,

  • Head over to the Reports Tab on your dashboard.
hotel management software Roomsy - Reports
  • You can select the date range in the start and end dates provided.
property management software - Roomsy
  • You can see all the basic revenue management metrics in neatly arranged columns on a daily or monthly basis.
property management software - Roomsy

Platforms such as Adobe Omniture can give detailed metrics on each keyword such as pages viewed, entry points, and revenue to help you make tweaks to your SEO strategy.

10. In Time, Boost Your Social Media Posts

Have you ever increase like on the post on Facebook or Instagram page? This technique helps your post get more visibility to a targeted group of people.

I’m not talking about clicking the “Boost Now” blue button that Facebook tricks people into using so they will spend more ad dollars; we’re talking about building the ad set inside Facebook Ads Manager. Inside the Ads Manager, you can select more detailed targeting and build lookalike audiences to grow your target market. You can boost a post for just a few dollars and have it run all day or several days.

social media marketing

You can target people by different attributes like gender, age, city, job title, school affiliations, employer, interests, and more. For boosted posts, people pay a fine amount of money which includes the likes, comments, and shares; for popular post topics, we have seen engagement in the pennies.  


The main purpose of these 10 easy hotel SEO tips is to create engaging content and generate more traffic for your site. This strategy helps you to know what is beneficial for your site and business in general. You can win half of the battle though just SEO and social media marketing. There’s no need to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars in hiring an SEO agency to look after your hotel’s search optimization. If you have the time and desire, you can do it yourself. By just following 10 ways How to grow your hotel’s presence in search engine.

Have I missed any point? Do let me know in the comments below, and I’ll reply to each one of them!


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