12 Advance Hotel Marketing Strategies

marketing strategies for hotel business


Are you facing low revenues or dealing with heavy losses? Well, your marketing strategies might be the biggest reason behind the fall. Marketing can do miracles with your Revenues if it is planned and executed properly. Yes, you heard it right; it directly impacts the revenue and profits of your business. Let’s understand in detail, why Hotel marketing is important? And what are the advance marketing strategies you can implement to grow your business?

Ok so first let’s understand the benefits of the marketing in Hotel Industry:

How Hotel Marketing Strategies help to grow your business?

Marketing is a great way to understand your guest’s interests, choices, and preferences which gives you the exact idea about your potential target market.  It helps to give your business a planned direction that also provides a great tool to forecast the returns, based on the planned strategies. So let’s understand the benefits as per the business and customer perspective.

First, it provides the opportunity to understand the market and provide easy ways to connect to your potential guests that increases the Booking rate and reduces the Cancellation rates which also impacts the overall revenue of a business.

Second, it gives an idea about the target market and the competitors’ strategies which provides an opportunity to regulate the promotional campaigns and set correct pricing strategies as per the required demand.

Third, it plays a major role in attracting and fetching potential guests for advance bookings and also helps to improve customer services which results in a reduction in customer complaints.

Now, Let’s move on to the advance marketing strategies that will help you to boost your business in a good way.

12 Advance Hotel Marketing strategies to maximize the number of Bookings

Let’s understand the advance strategies to market your hotel as per the current industry trends and demand. I am sure these strategies will definitely boost your revenue and reduce the cancellation rates:

1) Hotel Marketing through social media platforms:

In the current era of digitalization social media has proven to be the best and cost-effective way to promote your products/services. As per Kleiner Perkins, 2018 research more than 55% of products are sold online after appearing on social media platforms. This shows how social media speed up your sales very quickly. So, let’s discuss some of the major platforms with proven promotional strategies to fetch quick leads. Some of the major platforms are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin that helps to gain sure-shot leads and publicity for your business. Below I have shared the example of one social media post on the hotel.

Hotel Marketing Social Media Post

Some of the common promotional key points for all social media platforms are:

  • Build a strong and attractive profile page of your business on social media accounts and invite and add people to follow your page.
  • Regularly post eye-catchy content with hashtags and links and share in groups to maximize the reach that stops people to get engage with the provided information. Your posts are the gateway to your business website which increases the chances to get potential leads, so it’s very important to create high engagement content.
  • Insert landing form for a further inquiry it helps to gather the user information and take traffic to the website
  • The quickest way to generate a lead is to run paid campaigns, paid ads reach many people at a time and provide the opportunity for a call to action.

2. Launch App

Apps are the easiest medium to book and provide multiple offers by notifying regularly about the offers. It is the fastest way of connecting to your customers. As per the Statista report in 2020, the number of worldwide mobile users is likely to grow by 7.26 billion. So let’s understand How the app plays a vital role in marketing your hotel. The below image of the app will provide a glimpse of how the Hotel App looks like.

Hotel Marketing Strategies
Hotel Smartphone App

 How an app can help your hotel to grow?

  • It helps to build customer loyalty because it communicates directly with guests through ads, promotions, In-app purchases and notifications
  • Great customer service with easy accessibility because billions of people around the globe spend most of the time in smartphones
  • Open the doors for easy bookings and get informed on a timely basis about the offers and discounts

 What are some of the important things that should be included in an app?

  • Make an attractive and user-friendly app with easy features because it gives pleasant experience and reliability to potential guests
  • It should have low loading time with high speed, make sure it doesn’t have too many ads that interrupt or irritate the guests
  • Make sure to insert optimized images and readable texts with chatbots, subscription forms and call to action button
  • Use of Chatbots to connect customers easily:  Yes chatbots are very helpful to solve customer queries with quick responses in real-time. It helps to reduce the cancellation rates and retain customers by gaining reliability by showing great customer service.

3. Use of Chatbots to connect customers easily

Yes, chatbots are very helpful to solve customer queries with quick responses in real-time. It helps to reduce the cancellation rates and retain customers by gaining reliability by showing great customer service.

Types of Chatbots:

  • Simple rule-based Chatbots

These are the basic chatbots that provide visitor auto-generated information on the basis of if/else condition. For example, Chatbots ask are you looking for special offers and discounts. If the user says yes then it provides an option to select yes on-screen, then special offers will be displayed. This is how it works.

  • AI-based Chatbots

AI-based Chatbots are more advance chatbots which provide logical solutions, it understands written communications and answers user query correctly after interpreting and analyzing.

How chatbots have come up as a great tool in providing customer services and handling customer queries?

  • A chatbot can communicate in many languages that are capable to solve thousands of queries at a time and provide the facility to directly book
  • Some Chatbots are more efficient and advance, provide the 24/7 Customer Service facility for check-ins and check-outs through apps.
  • From Booking to Exit Chatbots provide personalized support throughout the whole journey with wise recommendations and proper follow-up.
  • Provide facility of more personalize promotion with proper two-way communication which often leads to sales. Apart from solving queries It also provides opportunities for upsell and cross-sell
Chatbot helping Guest
Chatbot Recommendations

4. SEO:

SEO is an essential process to market your product and services online because it covers expansive user-base that searches online for products and services.  As per the increasing demand for online business, it has become the need of an hour. There are two types of SEO techniques that generally use to market your business. It is On-Page and off Page:

How SEO helps you to market your business?

 It helps to build an online reputation of your business and provide an opportunity to provide online services by connecting directly to potential consumers. Basically, it’s a process that also helps with online visibility in the search engine results and helps in bringing the traffic to the website.

On-page SEO: works with technical aspects of your website to improve the user experience and search engine visibility. On-page SEO includes website optimization, content optimization, image optimization, speed, and many things.

Optimized Structured Website

Above image is an example of website optimization

Off-page SEO: It generally works outside the website to improve the ranking in the search engine results. In Off-page, services are promoted through ads and content marketing.  In the below image you can see the blog story of one of the renowned hotels. This is how off-page marketing is used.

Promotion of Hotel through Blog story

5. Video Marketing: is the most effective marketing tactic to advertise your products or services. As per online video viewer surveys into different countries, it has been found that 9.7 percent of viewers spend more than 20 hours watching online videos every week. So create catchy videos and promote on various platforms to increase the popularity of your brand.

 Importance of Video Marketing

  • Video Marketing boosts the sales and conversion rate. Adding Video on a Landing page increases the chances of Conversion rate by 80%
  • Video marketing provides a great return on investment. Study shows that 75% of viewers who watched the explainer video literally buy it.
  • Video marketing is the best way to build trust in the audience. More than 57% of consumers say Video build confidence in them to buy the product online
  • Google gives preferences to online videos, if a video is popular with good content then it will show up in search results. It also helps to increase the spent time on the website which gives positive signals to Google that your content is good.
Video promotion of The Oberoi Udavillas in Udaipur India

      Some of the important Video Marketing strategies are:

  • Create catchy content which emphasizes your brand with an emotional storyline
  • Feature customers and Employees with their experience about your hotel
  • Showcase your Hotel USP in comparison to your competitors
  • Showcase the events and parties that are conducted in your hotel
  • Upload on Youtube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion and share your video into multiple social platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Tumbler, Pinterest, and  Whatsapp. You can upload the same video on your website, emails and on presentation sites like Slideshare and slideserve.
  • Engage with your users by replying them
  • Use paid services to promote your video because it is more visible in the
  • Analyze your video performance by using tools like YouTube Analytics and Google Analytics

6. Podcast advertisements: it’s the most effective medium to advertise because people enjoy listening to the ads in between the on-air shows, I would say that it has more engagement rate than any other medium. So put this also into your bucket list while planning the strategies.

  • 80% of people can recall the brand, 67% recall specific products and promos and 57% more likely to buy branded products that are podcast
  • Provide a platform for word of mouth, It’s great when you get recommendations from your friend, similarly, when host recommends or read ads it creates a great impact because listeners trust the host and value their opinions. It sounds genuine to listeners.
  • Ads reach to those listeners who are not active on any other platforms or who have enabled the blocked settings  
  • Listeners actually listen to the ads because they don’t want to not miss the part of the show.

7. Email Marketing:

Email marketing is not confined to only sharing documents or any information, with passing time it has come up as a great tool with excellent advance features that help to stay connected to your potential prospects through newsletters and attractive offers. It’s the best medium to create a healthy relationship with your existing customers and retain them in the long run. So let’s learn how email marketing can be used for hotel marketing.

Email Marketing for your Hotel

  • Create High Responsive Email Guests  list:

An email list is the most important factor in email marketing because through this list we are planning to reach the targeted prospects. It requires lots of effort and time to prepare. It should be a permission-based organic list.  Ask for the email addresses at the check-ins and check out and also place a subscription form on the website. You can use Pop up windows for emails, Embedded forms, Fixed forms, Floating forms. Look below the image to understand this.

Subscription Form
  • Location Newsletters: use newsletters with attractive content that highlight your hotel’s location, offers, Local attractions and tours planned for guests.
Newsletter with the offer and all the details
  • Responsive emails: most people check their emails on smartphones so make sure it gets properly optimized as per the smartphone screen as well which should have easy features with readable text, call to action button and fast speed.
  • Avoid your emails to end into spam folders: So to avoid this problem keep some important things into consideration as a test before sending, avoid spelling and grammar errors, avoid spam words and use plain text.
  • Call to Action buttons: a call to action increases the chances to visit users to your website or subscribe through the links shared. Use simple CTA, avoid too many CTA and post CTA that is easily visible. In the below image you can see the “BUY NOW” call to action button.

8. Press Release: Newspaper is still a very big industry where billions of people daily read newspapers and take action after reading the information. Newspapers advertising covers people from specific demographic and geographical areas that are hard to reach. So it provides a platform to reach those people as well. According to people, it is the most trustable medium which offers authentic information with valued advertisements.  Daily thousands of people look for information in news, it connects individually in a very effective manner which triggers them for a call to action, and this opens the door for a great opportunity to market your hotel which also helps in building a reputation of your hotel. So how can you use the press to market your hotel?  It can be done by releasing advertisements and storylines about the happy customers of the hotel or events conducted in the hotel. So have a look at the press ad of one of the hotels.

Press Release Newspaper Advertisement

9. Tie up with airlines and travel agencies: people who travel also search for hotels to stay. Tie up with airlines and agencies will help you get organic customers through indirect promotion. Agencies provide tour packages to travelers which include hotel stay also so tie-up with agencies which will help to bring guests to your hotel. To save time people generally look for hotels nearby airports so if your hotel nearby then provides the facility to guests and fetch the potential guests through helping them to know about your hotel on the internet or in Airline magazines. Offer transportation services to your guests because travelers look for transportation services from the hotel if they booked a nearby hotel. Check the below image where I shared the example of Thomas cook added hotel bookings.

Thomas Cook travel agent provides the facility of Hotel Booking

10. Quora Marketing: As per the current research there are 300 million monthly active users on quora who question and answer on almost every topic. There are 400000 topics available on quora related to every industry which allows the participants to question and answer. In 2018 business, travel, and marketing were the most popular topics. So how can you use Quora to market your hotel? First by answering the questions related to your industry and telling about your services with website link. Second by taking the benefit of paid advertising to market your information on every relevant question. Companies are leveraging through quora ads to make their online presence grow, it helps companies to reach the number of people who look for answers related to specific industries. Businesses using paid ads to market their services have experienced 4x more conversions, which helped them to generate easy traffic and create a brand reputation. Here is an example of quora marketing.

This how the questions asked on Quora.
Answer to the above question

11. Reviews and ratings: Reviews and ratings are the indirect invitations to avail of your services. Reviews play a very crucial role in creating an image in the customer’s mind; it’s the indirect method that brings organic traffic based on the previous customers’ experiences. People firstly see Google and Facebook reviews before opting for any service. The more good rating and reviews the more high chances to get organic leads. Try to make your reviews and ratings positive. Here I shared an example in the images of google reviews of Newyork Hilton Hotel.

Google Reviews and Rating for New York Hilton Midtowm

12. Local Area Marketing:  It includes the infrastructure of your property and promotion through banners and mouth to mouth publicity. Infrastructure is in itself a marketing strategy to promote your hotel. Renovate and maintain your hotel on a timely basis. Putting hoardings around your location area can create great publicity. I shared the hoarding image of a hotel this will help you understand how people do local publicity.

Hoarding of a Hotel

So in this blog, I have discussed the Topic 12 Advance Hotel Marketing Strategies where I have highlighted the importance of Hotel marketing on Revenue and discussed some important hotel marketing advance strategies to help you in growing your business which covers the large customer base from various marketing platforms.