Overbooking Strategy & Solutions for Hotels with Realistic Case Studies

overbooking strategy and solutions for hotels
For the non-hoteliers and even first-time hoteliers, "overbooking" is the word that strikes fear, stress and even panic. For the first-time hoteliers, it makes sense if you are scared of overbookings, but, hey, did you know that you can have an overbooking strategy that would help in both managing and effectively leverage the good side-effects of the...

12 Advance Hotel Marketing Strategies

Are you facing low revenues or dealing with heavy losses? Well, your marketing strategies might be the biggest reason behind the fall. Marketing can do miracles with your Revenues if it is planned and executed properly. Yes, you heard it right; it directly impacts the revenue and profits of your business. Let’s understand in detail, why...

5 Daily Hotel Revenue Management Reports Managers MUST take

daily hotel reports
As it is no secret, having a property and renting or using it as a lodge can be a good source of income. You may be surprised at the amount of money you can make from it and decide to grow it. But if you do want to grow it, getting detailed, organised reports...

10 Easy tips to increase the Hotel’s revenue

how to increase hotel revenue
These tips and tricks help you to consume less time and get more dividends. Using such powerful revenue generators strategies in the right circumstances can lead you to get a higher reputation but it all finally depends on how well you understand the customer you serve. Remember, it starts and ends with the customer.

[HOTEL SEO]How to grow your hotel’s search engine visibility

seo for hotel website
When we talk about hotels, there will be dozens (if not hundreds of hotels in your city) not only in your city, but in the world. In fact, there are 3 billion hotel searches everyone in the world conducts in one month alone. How do you outrank them all? Is that an important factor to look at?...

How to add your hotel in Google maps?

google map_roomsy
In the era of extreme mobility and sociability in the online world, if you really want your hotel’s visibility to increase, you simply have to be online.  One of the easiest ways to be online is to mark your hotel on Google Maps.  In this blog post, we’ll show you...

5 Hotel Online Reputation Management basics:Negative reviews

hotel online reputation pms_roomsy
Every property owner dreads having negative reviews on review sites. In the days of social media and scams being published on twitter without warning, having good reputation management is crucial for companies, even more so for the hospitality sector. More often than not, the common reasons hotels get bad reviews can easily be...

Case Study: How One Small Hotel Owner is Saving 6 Hours a Week With Roomsy

Andy is a hotel owner-operator in Thailand who is using multiple different properties on Roomsy. We recently caught up with Andy to ask him about how and why he chooses Roomsy as his hotel property management system, and how he has benefitted since using the system. Roomsy's simple design and intuitive interface have proven...

[ROOMSY CASE STUDY]How we helped grow Mr.Oh’s hotel business across Thailand

hotels case study hiranyika cafe & bed thailand
One of the interesting aspects of Roomsy’s business has been our popularity in Southeast Asia. We’ve never made much of a deliberate push into the region, and yet still our software has found its way into a large number of independent hotels in Vietnam, Thailand, and the surrounding area.

Our revenue tripled since we started using Roomsy.

Rundle Mountain Lodge started using Roomsy back in Summer of 2015. The lodge is nestled in the heart of the Canadian Rockies, and has breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains. is centrally located near five major downhill ski areas and six golf courses. The hotel is frequented by guests coming to Canmore for...