New stuff!! :) We made some updates.

Everyone likes new things. Right? Sales Reports and Channel Managers Definitely


First of all, welcome new Roomsy users. We are glad to have you here.

We have been heads down working on releasing new updates that you might find useful. We also did the usual bug fixes as they were reported. If you are experiencing any please do let us know via email to


So here it goes.

Sales Report: Ever thought about having easy access to RevPAR (Revenue Per Available Room) by Room Type or Room? Now you can.

You can find it under Reports>Ledger>Sales: This report breaks the revenue down by Room or Room type. Play around with the Filter to distill the info for a particular room type.


Roomsy Sales Report


Channel Manager Integration: For Hotels distributing their inventory/rates on OTA’s via Roomsy Channel Manager can now view their Room mapping from within Roomsy.

Go to Settings>Integrations>Roomsy Channel Manager

Pro Tip: If you delete your linked Rate plan then you will have to go back and link it again in the channel manager.
Another pro tip (On a roll today..ha!): Ensure that Room names in Roomsy and OTA’s are same as makes it easy to map and troubleshoot issues.


Roomsy Channel Manager Integration


Channel Manager Integration
If you would like to get in on the action then just let us know at It saves hours of manual work.

MyAllocator Integration: MyAllocator is one of top channel managers in the industry. It integrates with more than 200 channels. If you are thinking of distributing rooms to channels other than Expedia, and owned websites (Trivago, Priceline, Orbitz etc.) then MyAllocator is a great option.

Reservations Source: Now you can edit the reservations source. We still provide you with precoded options but now you can customize them to suit your need better.

You will find this option under Settings>Reservations (Yes, this is a new option)>Booking Source. We have also reassigned Customer Types and Customer Fields under the Reservations menu as we felt it better reflected where the field should be than the originally under the Accounting menu.

OTA Cancelled Reservations: Reservations cancelled via OTA’s will not be deleted in Roomsy anymore. They will now be marked as cancelled reservations and can be found under the guest profile.

User Permissions: We are giving you more control. Now you have the ability to give access to new areas.

Access to settings: Now you can give a user access to the settings menu.
Access to integrations: Please ensure if you are giving someone permission to integrations they also have access to settings. However, please keep in mind that people who have access to integrations can make changes to room mapping to OTAs.
As you know…

Roomsy is an integrated property management system, channel manager and booking engine that is designed to make the life of hoteliers, vacation rental managers, hostel operators. If you are in the accommodations business we can help. Just get in touch at

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