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Hi everyone, this blog is dedicated for all of the independent hotel owners around the world. I used to be one, and I know that it's a tough battle to fight. I am writing this blog hoping to contribute a little help that may help a hotel owner one day.

Setting Up Your Website

Setting Up Your Website   This feature is only available to premium subscribers. 1. First, go to [Settings] > [Company] > [General Information] and ensure that all company information is filled in accurately as it will be displayed on your website. 2. Go to [Settings] > [Website & Online Booking Engine] > [Website] In the... Continue Reading →

How To Create A Group Booking

How To Create A Group Booking   If you get a lot of travelers coming to your hotel as a group then we recommend using the Group functionality. When you are creating a booking choose the Group option. Once you have selected the Group option you will be on Group Booking screen. This is where... Continue Reading →

Rate Plan Settings

Rate Plan Settings   Rate plans must be set up in order to setup Online Booking Engine, or connection to OTA's (e.g. Also, with the rate plans setup, you won't have to train your staff to remember/look up prices of the rooms. To begin the setup process, go to [Settings] > [Rates] > [Rate... Continue Reading →

How To Add A Booking Source

How To Add A Booking Source A Booking Source allows you to track which source provided the reservation. This data can be used to identify which sources are the best-performing ones for your hotel.     If you go to Settings>Reservations, the first tab on the left is Booking Source.     We give you... Continue Reading →

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