Our revenue tripled since we started using Roomsy

Rundle Mountain Lodge started using Roomsy back in Summer of 2015. The lodge is nestled in the heart of the Canadian Rockies, and has breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains. is centrally located near five major downhill ski areas and six golf courses. The hotel is frequented by guests coming to Canmore for golfing, hiking, biking, fishing, mountain climbing and wildlife photography.

I had a privilege to have a conversation with Dongwoo Shin, the owner of Rundle Mountain Lodge, about how Roomsy has helped his business. The very first thing that Mr. Shin mentioned was that his business’s revenue has tripled compared to 3 years ago, when he just started using Roomsy.

“I was having a mental breakdown”, said Mr. Shin referring to the time when he just purchased the hotel. He described how the hotel was being operated with an old, obsolete hotel software that did not automatically sync bookings with Booking.com and Expedia. The staff were updating inventories manually, and this caused many overbookings and loss of revenue especially during the busy season. He was actively looking for a solution to replace his existing system.

After spending somem time, Mr. Shin ultimately narrowed down his selections between two Software companies. One of them was Roomsy. “They both claimed to do similar things in terms of feature set, but Roomsy was much easier to use and it took less time to train employees.” said Mr. Shin. “Simplicity and efficiency were important for me. Roomsy had just that.” Then he added, “Pricing was also very competitive with Roomsy compared to alternatives.”

“Give it a try. It will give you a confidence.” said Mr. Shin. Also, he recommended that you should buy a large vertical monitor, because it will give you a nice overview of your hotel. He also appreciated the intuitive small touches in the software that saved his, and his employees’ time such as drag & resizing of bookings using a mouse. “Support was always there for me.” Mr. Shin added.

“Roomsy eliminated over-bookings” said Mr. Shin. “It literally stablized our frontdesk operation.” With a good management and increase efficiency, the Rundle Mountain Lodge’s revenue kept on going up year over year. “I now recommend Roomsy to all of my colleagues.” Mr. Shin proudly mentioned.

Thank you Mr. Shin!

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