Hotel Owner’s Manual is live

Hi everyone, this blog is dedicated for all of the independent hotel owners around the world. I used to be one, and I know that it's a tough battle to fight. I am writing this blog hoping to contribute a little help that may help a hotel owner one day.

Setting Up Your Website

Setting Up Your Website   This feature is only available to premium subscribers. 1. First, go to [Settings] > [Company] > [General Information] and ensure that all company information is filled in accurately as it will be displayed on your website. 2. Go to [Settings] > [Website & Online Booking Engine] > [Website] In the... Continue Reading →

How To Create A Group Booking

How To Create A Group Booking   If you get a lot of travelers coming to your hotel as a group then we recommend using the Group functionality. When you are creating a booking choose the Group option. Once you have selected the Group option you will be on Group Booking screen. This is where... Continue Reading →

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