How to set up a payment gateway integration (Stripe)

How to set up a payment gateway integration (Stripe)


Please note that Stripe Integration is a premium feature. If you are a basic subscriber please email us to get upgraded!

First, you need a Stripe account.

If you don’t have a Stripe account yet, go to and signup for a new account.

You will need your bank information (most importantly, the information written on your business cheques such as branch #, acct #, and bank ID)

Then, you can view your Live Stripe API Keys here:


how to add a payment gateway


Then, enter the Stripe API Keys into Roomsy


how to add a payment gateway to a hotel management system


In Roomsy, go to [Settings] > [Accounting] > [Payment Gateways] and select Stripe as Current Payment Gateway

Here, enter your Stripe’s API Keys and Update.

Once this is complete, you will begin storing customer’s credit card information via Tokenization.


how to add stripe payment gateway to a hotel pms


Next time you enter customer’s credit card information in customer information window, you will see a green [Tokenized] box appearing given that the credit card number that the customer provided is correct

Tokenizing Credit Cards through Online Booking Engine

You can also start taking customers’ credit card information in Online Booking Engine by going to [Settings] > [Booking Channels] > [Online Booking Engine] > enable [Store credit card information, using Stripe]

** Stripe made a recent change where it is asking users not using one of their products to enable this setting.

Please go to and then you would want to click on ‘Show advanced options’ and enable ‘Process payments unsafely’.

Your payments are not being processed unsafely as we use TokenEx for tokenizing the guest credit card and use Stripe to process the payment. They will be making a change in their language to correctly identify users like us who are using a 3rd party product to securely store credit cards and only using them for processing.

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