How To Add Employees Or Users and Manage Permissions

How To Add Employees Or Users and Manage Permissions

To add an employee to your account go to:

[Settings] > [Company] > [Employees]

Add the employees first name, last name, and email address to the provided fields and click ‘Add Employee’.

The employee will then receive a verification email for their account. They can click the link provided to log in. If for some reason an employee does not receive an email verification you can click the ‘Resend Email’ button.

You can control which areas a user has too by assigning the required permissions.

There are two access levels Owner and Employee. An Owner level role gives the user full access to the account. Employee level role allows you to give user specific permissions. Only an Owner can create a new user and assign permissions.

Be sure to set whatever permissions suit your needs for each individual employee.

How to add employees and Users as well as manage permissions

Bookings View Only: If you want a user to not be able to create or edit a reservation but want them to be able to see a reservation on the Bookings dashboard.

Access to Bookings: This gives a user to be able to access the Bookings dashboard, create/edit reservations. A user cannot have Booking View only access when given the ability to edit a booking.

Access to Accounting: This gives a user access to Accounting tab.

Access to Rooms: This gives a user access to Rooms tab which includes Room Status, Inventory & Date Manager.

Access to Reports: This gives a user access to the Reports tab. Once a user has access to reports they can run any report without restriction.

Can change Settings: This gives a user access to the settings menu. It is intended for staff members who are senior members of the team or have more responsibility so they can change settings of Roomsy as needed.

Access to Integrations (Must also have access to settings): This gives a user access to the Integrations tab where you will find Roomsy Channel Manager, Booking engine & MyAllocator Inventory and Rate mapping.

Can edit invoices: This permission gives the user the ability to edit a guests invoice. You may want to give this permission only when a user is trained to handle invoices or only to people its needed, as in, front desk staff.

Can delete bookings: This permission allows a user to delete a reservation. Once a reservation is deleted it cannot be recovered.

Can date manage: Date manager can be accessed by going to the Rooms tab. This feature allows a user to highlight a specific date on the Bookings dashboard.

Can delete payments: A user who has this permission can delete payments posting on the invoice. They still cannot delete payments processed via the payment gateway. Those transactions have to be refunded.

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