How to move rooms for checked in guests

How to move rooms for checked in guests


Sometimes you have to move guests for a reason. This could be for operational issue or the guest may have asked for an upgrade to another room.

And, to be able to do that the guest would have to move to a new room.

To setup a room move for a Checked In guest, open the reservation, select the room type and room number they would be moving to and click save.


Once the room is saved you will notice the reservation will appear in two rooms. One for the room the guest was in for the dates in the past and one that the guest was moved to.


This means the guest has been successfully moved to the new room.

Here are some things to keep in mind.

Please do not delete either of the reservations. As on the screen they are in two different rooms and look like two different reservations but they are still linked to each other. If you delete one, it will delete the other reservation as well.

Moving rooms does not create a new invoice and opening the invoice from either reservation will still take you to the same invoice which has all the charges from the previous room.

You are not able to schedule a move for a future date.

This only works for Checked In reservations. If the reservation is still in reservation status it will just move the entire reservation when you change the room number.

You are not able to drag and drop a checked in reservation to move it to a new room in this way.

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