What a year!! :)

Thank you for a great year!!

We would like to take the opportunity to thank you for a great year. We released multiple new updates this year. This included new features, infrastructure updates and various optimizations. While making these changes sometimes we didn’t have the perfect rollout and this is where your feedback really helped in optimizing the features further. Thank you for that.

As we are closing the year we were able to push another small update. It is focused on optimizing the reservation status flow to ensure there are no oversights and creates a better operational flow.

A user will not be able to check in a reservation whose arrival date has not started yet. You are still able to check in a reservation for a date in the past. As some of the users do the check-in after the day of arrival that functionality is left as is. Please ensure that the room charges are posted manually if you are doing the check-in past the date of arrival and you have the Night Audit only apply charges to checked in bookings.
A user will not be able to Check out a future reservation who has not been Checked In.
A No show reservation cannot be extended. It has to be changed to a reservation first.
A reservation that has a posted charge (forecasted charges does not impact this) or deposit cannot be cannot be cancelled until the balance is zero.
A rate cannot be edited from reservation module for a date in the past. It can now only be done via the invoice.

2018 we will be another year where you will see continuous updates and improvements from us.

We wish you a happy and healthy 2018 and look forward to another year of growing together.

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