Product Release: A New Batch Of Features Are Out.

We have been quietly releasing new features in the last few weeks. You may have noticed some of them already. Some of the updates were focused on our infrastructure and improving our connectivity with OTAs. So you will not see the features but you will experience the impact of it.

1. Payment Gateways: We have added direct integration to 3 new gateways. FirstData (Gateway E4), Chase Payment &

2. Reports: We made some changes to reports in the last update.

    • Group report:  We released a new report specifically for groups. This is a report designed for the need of generating a list of guest who are staying with a group. You also have the option of
      filtering it by the Group ID or Group name.
    • Export Reports: You can now export all reports under the Ledger and
      Bookings tab in a CSV format. Just click the download icon and it will be exported

Roomsy In House Report 1


    • Report Filter: You can filter your view on the In House report to only show specific columns.


Roomsy In House Reprt 2


    • And, another really handy update, you can now click on the results in the
      reservations report opening the booking from there.


Reservations Report


3. Inventory: We made a few changes to the inventory section and now you have a bit more control on how you can manage it.


Room Inventory Report


Inline inventory editing: You can now change the availability of rooms by channel.

Roomsy now also has the option of controlling your inventory by channel.

You may want to make less rooms available to a channel during summer but may want to open up all the rooms in the winter due to slow season. You are now able to do that now either by using the inline editing feature for managing specific days or click the Modify Maximum Availabilities button to do it in bulk for the channel.



Inventory close out by Room Type: More options to close out room types. Previously we only had one way of closing rooms. This was by going to the Rates module and closing the rate. If you had multiple rates you had to close each rate to close the room type for sale. Now, you have another, much quicker, option.

To close the inventory for a particular room type, click on the status option, this will give you two options, Open and Close, choose Close and the that Room Type will be closed.

Once a room type is closed that day and room type will show in red. It indicates the room has been closed and it is a visual indicator that the particular room type is not available for sale.

4. Tax Exempt Reporting: Sometimes there are guests who are not required to pay certain taxes and you need to report the exempted tax data when doing your financial year reporting.

There is a new setting under Charge Types called Report As Tax Exempt. Check the box for the data to be reported as Tax exempt.


Roomsy Change Settings


We show the data from the tax exempt total in the Taxes report under the Tax Exempt Total column.


Monthly Tax Report

5. Room Move: Sometimes you need to move a guest to another room. This could be for an operational issue or for another reason.

You can now move a reservation to another room. The reservation has to be in Checked In status. Just select the new room the guest is moving to and save the booking.

You will notice the reservation will be split into two different rooms. However, it is still connected to the same invoice. So when you open the invoice from either reservation you will see the charges from the past room and the current room the guest is in.

That is it for this round of updates but we have more updates coming very soon. Please try out the latest round of features and let us know what you think.

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